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Download Wordfast Pro v5.6.0 Translator Assistant software

Download Wordfast Pro v5.6.0 – Translator Assistant software to store and reuse translations.A Translation Memory (TM) is a database that stores “segments”, which can be pre-translated sentences, paragraphs, or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list) to help human translators. Wordfast Pro is the latest, standalone, multi-platform TM tool designed to address the needs of translators, language service providers, and multi-national companies. It offers a complete translation environment that stores your translated content for reuse in future projects, thereby maximizing efficiency, increasing overall consistency and reducing translation costs.

wordfast pro

required system

– Supported File Formats
  – MS Word 
  – Excel 
  – PowerPoint 
  – RTF 
  – TXT 
  – PDF (for Windows only) 
  – HTM / HTML 
  – XML 
  – InDesign 
  – Framemaker 
  – Visio 
  – ASP / JSP / JSON / JAVA 
  – TTX 
  – XLIFF 
  – TXLF 
  – SDLPPX (SDL Trados Package) 

– Supported Languages
Wordfast Pro 5 supports any language that is supported by Microsoft Word. This includes Eastern European, Cyrillic, Asian, Right-to-Left, and various other languages. 

– System Requirements
Windows 7 and higher 

TM Specifications
– Store up to 5,000,000 TUs per single TM 
– Users can create an unlimited number of TMs 
– Users can access an unlimited number of TMs simultaneously 
– WFP5 can read / write TMX 1.4b 
– TM sharing via the internet or LAN is possible with Wordfast Server or Wordfast Anywhere 
– Glossary Specifications
– Store more than 1,000,000 entries per glossary 
– Users can access an unlimited number of 
glossaries simultaneously – WFP5 can import / export glossaries in tab-delimited text format or TBX format.


Manufacturer: Wordfast 
File size: 267 MB 

Installation guide

1. Install the software. 
2. Do not run it and completely exit it if it is in run mode. 
3. Copy the contents of the Cracked File folder to the installation path of the software in the plugins folder and replace the existing file. 
4. Run the software.

File Password: Click to See File Password

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