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A cloud-based service, in the form of a platform, as a service, or PASS, stands for Platform as a service, provides access to the programming environment or timing, is embedded within this data environment and computing environment. With PaaS, users create and run their applications within the environment provided by the service provider. Platform as a service cloud computing services is one of the three users of Mac gives it using the tools provided by the servers, applications and softwareCreate an account. PaaS or Platform as a service can include pre-configured features that customers can join and use. They can choose the features that meet their needs and remove features that are not useful to them. Thus, packages can provide simple point-and-click frameworks. , Which does not require technical information about hosting on the client side to provide infrastructure options for advanced development.

 Udemy Understanding Microsoft Azure SQL - PAAS
In the Microsoft Azure SQL-PAAS Udemy Understanding training course , you will become familiar with Microsoft ASK and Platform as a service.In this course, students will get an understanding of the various features available in Azure SQL. There are theory sessions followed by practical ones. There will be live demonstrations as we progress through the class. There are many new features that Azure SQL is like today. You will learn various aspects such as database redundancy, security in Azure SQL, geographic replicaiton, metrics and monitoring options, taking snapshots and backups. You will also learn to audit the SQL DB and store the data in the storage account for future investigations. You will see more content in near future. This will include managing SQL with Powershell and Azure CLI As the cloud is a moving target, I’m sure there will be new features offered by microsoft. I will keep this course updated to ensure that you get the latest and greatest stuff in this course at all times.


Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy 
Language of instruction: English 
Moderator: Anand Nednur 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary 
Time of training: 1 hour + 30 minutes 
File size: 1160 MB 

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