Tekla Reinforced Concrete Extensions 2017/0309 – Strackchart plugins

Tekla Reinforced Concrete Extensions contains a set of useful and functional Tecla Strukcher software extensions that can make it easy or even possible for many users to do the work.

Tekla Reinforced Concrete Extensions

Tekla Structures also does not consider plugins as part of the original software, but are considered as tools that are usually developed and developed by software publishing companies, but the user should consider There is no obligation on the part of the developer to upgrade them, improve them or adapt them to other software versions.

This collection includes the following extensions:
– Brace Dimensions
– Chair Bars
– ChairReinforcement
– CMU Tools
– Compare Objects
– Component Variable Importer
– Cranking Of Overlapping Rebars
– Grating Panel
– ISM Link
– Link SAP2000
– Move Using 3 Points
– Offset
– Offshore Ring Plate
– Plates from the built-up section i
– Rebar Group Dimension
– Rebar Group Marking
– Rebar Pullout Picture And Marking
– Solid 2 Plates
– Stirrup Reinforcement
– Surface generation between polybeams
– Weld Path i

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