Download Snooper Pro v3.0.1 – Sound Recorder software on PC

Snooper a package of software for the professional audio recording with multiple settings, is quite professional. Voice recording in this application is activated with the volume and level of detected sound. In Voice Recording mode, all the sounds collected are stored in a single file. Snooper can split and save a file, based on the size or time specified by the user, during the recording. The ability to record for a long time continuously is another feature of Snooper. Sound recording automatically starts when the sound is detected from the microphone input, and stops at silent time. The software also allows the use of MP3 compressed audio format that can store an audio recorder in a file size of 4 megabytes. Settings like Bitrate, Smaple Rate, Mono, Stereo, etc. are also available to users.

A key feature of the software Snooper:
– activate voice recorder with the level of sound detected
– Adjust the audio recording before and after launch
– the Mac selecting filters and drivers critical to obtain precise amount of sound
– neutral signals. It’s unwanted according to pre-recorded noise profile
– Ability to send voices recorded by voice mail manually or automatically
– Act according to when you set the start and end of recording for the software
– Hide from the Taskbar section and Tray while recording
– supports direct sound recording
– capture and encode audio files to secure the transmission of information via mirror NET
– Ability to set user keys to control software
– File splitting tool while recording audio based on size or time specified by the user
– Storing sounds recorded in mp3 format

Download Snooper Pro v3.0.1 - Sound Recorder software on PC

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