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Scientific Toolworks Understand v5.0.966 Big Database Code Analysis Software

Software Scientific Toolworks Understand a static analysis tool for protection, measuring and analyzing critical for large database code (programming) is. This program has the ability to recognize cross-platform, multi-tab support, as well as maintenance-oriented programming environments (interactive development environment). This application is for a Mac to maintain and build the source code / source code is designed so that the source code may include source code for C ++, C #, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL or Delphi / Pascal Bashndayn ability to understand the relationships and structures in this project Has software.

The main parameters that the program checks is:
– Number of classes 
– Number of files 
– Line count 
– Number of blank lines 
– Number of code 
lines – Number of description 
lines – Number of lines inactive 
– Declarative Statement 
number – Executable Statement 
number – Ratio number Comment to 

the advanced parameters that this program checks:
– Cyclomatic Complexity 
– nodes 
– Coupling class 
– Inconsistency percentage 
– Number of paths 
– Max Inheritance  
– Number of base class 
– Number of inherited classes 
– Number of instance 
functions – Function weight in Each class

Understand Screenshot 1 Understand Screenshot 2 Understand Screenshot 3 Understand Screenshot 4

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