Samorost 3 v1.4.463 Play extraordinarily beautiful Samvrast 3 for Android

Fantastic game beautiful and charming Samorost 3

Excellent graphics with unique design hand-drawn for mental and addictive adventure gameplay with much-loved characters Other products from the company famous Czech Republic Amanita Design

Finally after a long wait Samvrast 3 game released for the Android operating system. If people thinking and puzzle games to be sure the company Amanita Design are familiar. Almost all games of this extraordinary companies that are thought-provoking and challenging point and click run. Masterpieces such as Machinarium , Botanicula Series games Samorost. Samvrast debut game published by the company, which was released in 2003. 3 Samvrast exactly the same as other versions for a game of adventure and mystery and also thought that runs contrary to the previous version gameplay is very wide and very much more interesting graphic design.

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  • Amazing adventure, incredibly attractive and lovely
  • Unique atmosphere, unique to the series Samvrvst
  • Very interesting location and its own philosophical themes
  • Multiple incredibly attractive and challenging puzzles
  • Unusual and unique sound effects and video
  • Excellent graphics with unique design for hand-drawn
  • Music unparalleled storytelling with a strong and attractive
  • Addictive gameplay with a character very sympathetic and loving
  • Very interesting characters during gameplay

 Introduce and review the game Samorost 3

It is safe to say that Samorost 3 one of the best games released so far for different platforms. The computer play for money priced at $ 20, $ 5 for ios operating system, as well as 70 Corona sold for the Android OS which is about $ 3.

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Download the regular version – Size: 19.64 MB

Download data file – Size: 770.08 MB

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