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Download PaperCut NG v18.0.5.43343 x64

Network Printer Management

PaperCut NG software for the control and management of printers in a network that has a Mac , you can monitor the printing process and restrictions on its users and printers on the network apply.

Download PaperCut NG v18.0.5.43343 x64 - Network Printer Management Software

This software specifies the exact details of the number of printed pages, the amount of paper consumed by each user, and provides you in a comprehensive report that manages and minimizes the costs of repairing, maintaining and charging appliances. Print can be of great help to you. You can group printers and network users and specify specific restrictions for each group, for example, adjust the quality of print pages and the amount of ink consumption of each printer at your desired size. PaperCut NG can manage up to 500,000 users on the network and use thousands of organizations and schools around the world.

A key feature of the software Papercut NG:

– manage printer network
– the MAC of the grouping network printers and restrictions specified for each group
– Ability to manage the application from anywhere on the network
– Compatibility with printers PCL, PCL6, HPGL, PostScript , PCL-GUI, XPS, Ricoh RPCS, Epson ESC, QPDL and manage them
– Compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory and Apple Open Directory, eDirectory and LDAP
– Clustering and storage capabilities with Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager, Microsoft Cluster Server, Veritas Cluster Server, Linux HA
– Add watermark to print documents
– Mobile monitoring possibility – Take advantage
of the database of software
– Manage about 500,000 users

PaperCut NG Screenshots

PaperCut NG Screenshot 1 PaperCut NG Screenshot 2 PaperCut NG Screenshot 3 PaperCut NG Screenshot 4 PaperCut NG Screenshot 5

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