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Site design is referred to as the process of planning and building a site. Text, images, audio and video files and programming elements are formatted by the site design to produce a page visible in the browser. Site designers use bookmarked languages ​​to create HTML pages that can be viewed by browsers, and are often used to create HTML structures and CSS views. In the Web 2.0 world, other programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Perl are used to build site pages to create user interaction with the site. In general, the design process involves conceptualizing, designing, pre-production, researching, advertising , as well as managing audio, video, and other multimedia files used on the pages of the site. In the Packt A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development course Web development groundbreaking. 

 Packt A Beginner's Guide to Web Development

Course syllabus for training of A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development Packt:
– Chapter 1: Getting Started with HTML 
– Chapter 2: Introduction to CSS 
– Chapter 3: Learning code with JavaScript 

Welcome to the ultimate Web Developer beginner course. This is your one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know to get into web development. 
We will take you from the absolute beginner to understanding the core fundamentals of web development. By the end of this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build amazing looking websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Style and Approach 
This friendly course takes you through Web Development. It is packed with step-by-step instructions and work examples. This comprehensive course is divided into clear bite-size chunks so you can learn at your own pace and focus on areas of greatest interest to you.


Manufacturer: Pakkt Publishing 
Language of instruction: English 
Teacher: Mark Price 
Level of training: Preliminary 
time of training: 7 hours + 37 minutes 
File size: 2850 MB 

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