Download Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus v1810 Build 11001.20108

Finally, Microsoft has officially released Office 2019 (Microsoft Office 2019) for various platforms. Microsoft has previously announced it will release a new version of its popular product based on Office 2007. Along with all the new features offered to download Office 2019, the company has handwritten virtual writing features for all its applications. This new feature is about wireless devices that can be digitally handled. The effects of slope and pencil press influence the programs and we see a high quality in this regard.

Excel also provides the most powerful data analysis tool with new formulas, and you can store other charts in Power BI format. PowerPoint has new features and can make zoom effects better. Most of these features are new to all users who have experienced Office 2016 and have never seen it before. But the Office 365 ProPlus users and their money subscribers have been experiencing them. The RTM-Retail version of Office 2019 comes with the latest upgrade ready to download from the website.

Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus v1808 Build 10730.20102 RTM-Retail

Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus Version 1810 Build 11001.20108 x86-x64



Office contents 2019:

  • Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Access 2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Microsoft OneNote 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
  • Microsoft Publisher 2019
  • Microsoft Word 2019
  • Skype for business 2019
  • OneDrive for business
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2019
  • Microsoft Proect Professional 2019

   Microsoft Word 2019: Word is a new version of Microsoft’s word processor, with advanced features for better document management. This program provides more opportunities for working with documents and you can put various videos from the Internet. Word allows you to open PDF files and you can edit them. Full editing of the contents of the files is provided by Word, and you can even use it to draw pictures. It’s easy to work with the mobile app graphs and you can easily have all the program tools. You can connect directly to servers, and you can have cloud-based storage. The program can check functions and provide the ability to modify them.


   Microsoft Excel 2019: Excel is a dynamic business tool that allows users to analyze and analyze data and put their existing data in the program. With this program you can use advanced functions and have a variety of tools for data analysis. The appearance of this version of Excel is completely new and highlighted and you can highlight sensitive information. This feature makes it easier to access basic tools. You can expect more professional results from the program, and you’ll have many of the world’s functions and new technology in the program. This app has the features that make your decisions conscious and create slides.


   Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: PowerPoint is a powerful program for creating presentation and presentation slides that provide many features for users. With this program you can have advanced transfer capabilities and support animation and audio and video. The program has a high quality and you can use the intuitive user interface. With this app, you can also stay on the touch screen, and 2019 will track all these features more seriously. Auto play mode is placed according to the projector’s parachutes and are all adjustable. This app supports the monitor and you can use special themes. Design in this app is very simple and with a little skill, you can use the most beautiful designs. You can post comments and get special feedback.


   Microsoft Outlook 2019: August LLC is a basic software suite with a wide range of new tools that allow full management of multiple emails. It supports various services and can also support social networking and web streaming. When you run the 2019 version of this program, you will definitely see its new look and feel how cool the iconic icon is designed. This app helps you check your emails and work with calendar and events. Managing daily tasks and scheduling are the only things you can do with the Outlook program tools. You can save your contacts in the program and use them in different emails.


   Microsoft Publisher 2019: It’s a great tool for creating marketing materials in the field of print and publishing, and you can get the most out of print quality. The application interface has been improved and you can edit images, documents, and more. The app has been updated with new images, and in 2019, various exchanges are available. Visual warnings are provided and you can add all the sound effects to your projects. New images are built on new technologies and you can keep up-to-date.


  Microsoft Access 2019: Microsoft Access has provided an advanced version of this application for database management, which you can logically plan and integrate with different catalogs. This program is vital for business owners and provides comprehensive information management capabilities. The software has a high quality and provides a new type of database for you. Creating various databases and tables is provided by Access, and sharing is also provided in SharePoint. You can also do sharing in the web browser and have all the data types in the program. The views and queries of the program have been completely new and just enough to have the data type for better data tracking. There are many tools available for editing and you can edit your data in a better way.


  Microsoft OneNote 2019: This app is a digital notebook used to store and share information. When you open OneNote, you will be faced with a new design that allows you to implement your ideas. You can concentrate on your creativity and drown in the program interface. By integrating this app on the cloud, you can maximize storage space and have more access to all your notes. Other information can be accessed from anywhere, and you just have to keep this connection in the cloud. Certainly, such notes are more suited for tablets and tablets, and Microsoft has done a lot to provide a touch-friendly interface with these devices.


  Microsoft OneDrive 2019: A drive van is a professional library for storing documents and other files.Once you save your files in the program, they are only available to you. But at the same time, you can share it with other colleagues and acquaintances. You can view your files from other devices and have full access to them everywhere. These files are securely stored on public SharePoint Online cloud servers, or on their dedicated Microsoft servers, SharePoint Server. Full configuration is available to users and you can fully guarantee their security.


PowerPoint changes: Create more effective content

  • Enhanced zoom capabilities that use the PowerPoint Morph function.
  • Ability to manage icons, SVG and 3D images
  • Use roaming items that allow you to type with a pen

Excel changes: better performance in data analysis

  • Diagonal diagrams and two dimensional maps
  • Ability to publish Excel files to PowerBI
  • Progress on PowerPivot
  • Advances in PowerQuery

Outlook Changes: Easier Email Management

  • Update content cards
  • With Office365 groups
  • Hacks
  • Centralized inputs

Word changes: work easier

  • Added black theme
  • Better sounds
  • Has a text-to-speech function
  • Advancements in the field of access

Microsoft announced that this year Microsoft will release a new version of its popular product based on Office 2007. Among the innovations of Office 2019, the company mentions support for handwriting in all applications – it’s about wireless cases for digital pen, support for tilt effects and pressure. Also, Excel has more powerful tools for analyzing data like new formulas, diagrams and Power BI integration. PowerPoint adds sophisticated presentation features, such as Morph and Zoom effects. Most of these features are new to Office 2016 users – Office 365 ProPlus subscribers have been available for a long time. Users of have the opportunity to try the preview version of Office 2019.

Microsoft Office 2019 includes:
Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus 
Microsoft Access 2019 
Microsoft Excel 2019 
Microsoft OneNote 2019 
Microsoft Outlook 2019 
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 
Microsoft Publisher 2019 
Microsoft Word 2019 
Skype for business 2019 
OneDrive for business 
Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 
Microsoft Proect Professional 2019

required system

Note that Office 2019 is only installed on the Windows 10 operating system!

Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are included in an ISO file.

Two MSP Project 2019 and Visio 2019 software can be downloaded separately.

Installation guide

1) First, make sure your antivirus is completely disabled. Then extract your zip files with the latest WinRar software . Run the OInstall.exe file as Run as Administrator.

2) Install.

3) When the installation is complete, enter the RTM to VL Convert folder and run the Convert-C2R.cmd file as Run as Administrator to convert your retail version to the Volume License.

4) Use one of the activation tools in your ACTIVATORS folder to enable your office. Using the Office 2013-2019 C2R Activator is recommended by the download website.


Practical point! For Gen2, it’s not necessary to do the third step. Just use the ACTIVATORS folder to activate.

Practical point! In the use of Office 2013-2019 C2R, please connect to the Internet and click on the Activate Office option. Be sure to check the Online KMS option to be enabled. Your office will be automatically activated.

File information
  • File size: 3.4 GB | 3.7 gigabytes
  • Manufacturer:
  • Release Date: NOV-22-2018
File password :
download link

Download Office 2019 32-Bit Edition-64-Bit Update November 2018 :

More details: Version 1810 Build 11001-20108 en-US

Download Part 1 Direct Link

Download Part 2 Direct Link


Download Office 2019 32-bit version of 64-bit Microsoft official release :

More details: Version 1808 Build 10730.20102 RTM

Download Part 1 Direct Link

Download Part 2 Direct Link


Download the MSP Project MSP Project Pro 2019 32-Bit Edition -64-bit

Download Visio Visio Pro 2019 32-Bit Edition-64-bit


Download Office 2019 for Mac OS 1.6 GB


Download Full Activation Package for all versions of Office and Windows (Upgrade by October 8, 2018)

File Password: Click to See File Password


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