Download Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium v1.12.1.37 + Business v1.09.2.1334 – Software to prevent malicious exploits or malicious code execution.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is a straightforward piece of software that protects your system’s vulnerable points from web-based attacks.

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Influence on the basis of conclusions and taking outputs from programs and tools.
Often, when hackers and programmers are trying to penetrate a computer or program, they are continuously providing them with data that processes their applications and display their output, at which time the attacker will fit the gap between Data and outputs realize the overall performance of the program and tries to hurt them with the data that the program performs for them. And from the point of view of how much different programs and codes are checked, the perpetrator writes a program to automatically do his job when he finds out how to hurt the program. For this reason, when a security issue is found, the developer puts a code on the exploit to make his role better and faster.
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is a powerful application from the famous Malwarebytes company that has been released to deal with Exploit exploits. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is a simple application that protects your system against web-based attacks well. This software has a simple and user-friendly interface that employs three levels of security and protection on your system to protect against any type of malware.

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The software is compatible with most popular browsers and software and prevents harm to them. Also, this software will use very little CPU and RAM system and will not slow down performance at all.

A key feature of the software Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit:
– protect the browsers and plug-ins on their side
– Protection of Java
– Protection of files, PDF book for electronics
– protect files from Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint
– Protect from popular media players like Windows Media Player, VideoLAN VLC Player, QuickTime Player, Winamp Player
– Add new shields to protect other parts
– Compatible with different versions of Windows

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Premium Edition 

Download – 1.9 MB

Business Edition

Download  – 2 MB

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