HomeGuard Pro v5.3.1 Monitoring Software

HomeGuard Pro v5.3.1 Monitoring Software is an advanced software for the care and monitoring of family members using the computer. This software is capable of storing Internet and non- Internet activities of anyone who works with the computer. You can also specifically exclude certain topics or sites. This software is capable of taking photos of all activities or even saving people’s chats . Also, to avoid wasting time with the gameYou can easily prevent them from running without any benefit. With this software, you can restrict the use of any program you want, and even the software can inform you about the time the programs run by family members. As a result, parents can fully monitor their children and their use of the computer.

Download HomeGuard Pro v5.3.1 x86 / x64 - Computer Monitoring Software

A key feature of HomeGuard Pro v5.3.1 Monitoring Software
– surveillance and monitoring of awesome 
– take screenshots of the computer screen at intervals of preset 
– monitor access to the website and  blocking it 
– monitoring wildcard search engine Search 
– Monitor email and chat and block it 
– Create time limits for using computer programs and the Internet
– Ability to monitor and prevent copying and deleting files 
– Clear reports provided automatically after a period of time Determined by you 
– Monitor the use of USB drives and external hard drives 
– Monitor printed files 
– Record all keystrokes typed along with the program used and window title.
Time and event based screen capture:
– Take screenshots at predefined intervals and times of the day and days of the week. By default, it will take screenshots every 10 minutes everyday but can be set to take shots as often as every 2 seconds. It can take pictures when a website is visited, a keyword is found, a chat message or an email is sent or received, a program is tarted, a file is printed or blocked events only.
Keyword-based monitoring and blocking of online content:
– Use the default keyword list or add your own keywords, HomeGuard will record and / or block any internet traffic in which these keywords appear, be it Websites, Chat messages or Email. Keyword filtering can not be circumvented through the use of proxies, all traffic is being examined regardless of ports or destination, while maintaining the use of CPU and memory to a minimum, through the use of advanced search and identification algorithms, thus adding very little to no overhead to computer and internet speed.
Web sites monitoring and blocking:
– Block access to websites in a predefined ‘black’ list. Or allow access to only sites in a ‘white’ list, blocking all other sites. Recorded details include time spent on each site and which program was used to visit the site. As in the keyword filtering above, the use of proxy servers to defeat blocking is useless here.
Web search monitoring and blocking:
– View and / or block keywords searched in search engines. Currently supports Google search, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).
Email and chat monitoring and blocking:
– Record full text of chat messages (Currently supported by Yahoo and MSN / Windows Live messengers) and Email (pop3 / smtp). Or (optionally) block all Chat and Email traffic.
Internet and computer usage time limiting:
– Set the time of day and / or days of the week at which the computer and the internet can be used. Time limits can not be circumvented by changing system time, by default time change is blocked for all users and you can define a list of users to allow time to change.
Program usage time limiting and blocking:
– Set the time at which each program can be used and how long. Or completely block certain programs. This feature is designed with excessive / addictive gaming in mind. Blocking can not be circumvented by renaming the program, once a program is added to the blocking list its signature is computed and saved and it will be recognized no matter where it is on the hard disk or what its name is.
Detailed program usage statistics:
– Record the total running time of the programs and the actual time spent on each program, how many words and characters typed and how many times the mouse was clicked in each program, total bytes sent and received by each program and more.
Content-based blocking:
– This feature is quite radical but can prove useful … Blocks internet content by its type, for example you can bock all online video and flash other web page elements will still show (unless they also have blocked types too) but all videos will be blank. Use the built in list of types (includes: exe files, scripts, videos ..) or add a custom (MIME) type.
Connection monitoring and blocking:
– For advanced users, allows monitoring and blocking of individual Internet connections by port and IP addresses. It will also attempt to detect the protocol type of connection and will show detailed statistics on the connection’s duration and bandwidth used.
File monitoring and blocking:
– Monitor and block copying, deleting and moving of files.Printer monitor:
– Monitor printed files and / or block printing altogether.
USB storage media monitoring and blocking:
– Monitor and optionally block removable devices like USB thumb drives, external hard disks … etc.
User and time specific monitoring:
– Choose which users to monitor and at what times.
Automatic clean up of old records:
– By default records older than 30 days will be deleted. You can change this as needed or start a clean up at any time.

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