Direct Download Google Chrome v66.0.3359.181 Stable + Chromium v68.0.3399.0


Download Google Chrome v66.0.3359.181 Stable + Chromium v68.0.3399.0 x86 / x64 - Google Chrome web browser software

Google Chrome is a free web browser software developed and supported by Google, which uses the Blink layout engine to process and generate page appearance. This software was first released on September 13, 2008 and has been introduced to date with more than 60 versions.

Key features Software Google Chrome:
– fast-loading pages
– using the layout engine Blink
– Web browsing in Incognito
– Sync settings and user data with your Google account
– access and easy management Bookmark and
– with the Do Not Track
– Ability to install different plugins
– Support for all versions of Windows
– Automatic and easy update of the

public software The browser software is similar in function, so the difference in their features is not significant, and the selection of a particular browser usually returns to the user’s own preferences and other personal factors, but the introduction Several features of this software Lee is not unpleasant.

– Incognito:
Web browsing in this mode is for you this Mac It allows you to automatically delete all the information during which the Session is stored on your system after closing the program so there is no information about the names of the visited sites and their other files, including cookies, etc. Not stored in the system.

– Ability to sync the browser with your Google Account:
If you connect your browser to your Google account, all your information and even your browser settings will be stored on your personal account and will allow you to reinstall Windows Or the software will be able to instantly return all your information, even you can connect your mobile phone to Google to apply your settings on the phone.

– Do Not Track feature:
This feature allows you to enable the browser to respectfully request sites you visit to refrain from tracking if the browser is activated to maintain user privacy.

– Automatic translation of external pages:
If you open any page other than the language on which the browser is set up, the program will automatically suggest that you can, if you wish, be able to use all the contents of the site using Google Translate in your language. Returns

– Extensive support for various operating systems:

This program fully supports Windows XP to Windows 10 and runs on iOS and Android mobile platforms .

What is Chromium and what’s the difference with Google Chrome?
Chromium is the name of an open source project that was updated and maintained by the The Chromium Project team, the name of the project being taken from the chromium element, the metal from which Chrome is made.

As Google points out, Chrome was supposed to be an open source project, and its final product was named Google Chrome, but a number of developers released all of the software code in an independent software under the name Chromium.

Because the source code for Google Chrome and Chromium is the same, there are not much differences in the features of the two software and there are only a few differences between them.

In short, Google Chrome is the same as Chromium, which includes the following:
1. Restrictions on installing plug-ins only through the Chrome Web Store
2. Integrating Adobe Flash Player in the browser
3. Putting the ability to print web pages
4. Renaming to Google Chrome
5. Auto-updating software in the form of a feature called Google Update
6. Ability to send specialized and user-friendly browser data to Google
7. Support for more audio and video formats in Web pages

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