The Foundry Mari v4.1v1 – Texting and texting software to 3D objects

The Foundry Mari v4.1v1 x64 - Texting and texting software to 3D objects

The Foundry is a Mari software company that has made significant success in major cinema, television and video game projects, including the most famous Thor, Avatar and Game Of Thrones. The Foundry Mari v4.1v1 is a software that allows users to compact their details and apply multi-layer textures on the model. This operation is simply implemented by this powerful software. People who are interested in creating more details, but with a simpler solution, are in the work of texting models, can use this software so well.

Features of software The Foundry Mari v4.1v1:

– the Mac to send and receive files from Photoshop directly
– used for files of up to 64-layer format Psd functions Import and Export
– allows rendering fast and high quality
– Use of three new functions for color change, highly functional changes in the OpenColorIO function, support for and correction of optical brush functions, etc.
– No need for UV when painting on subjects
– Use of multiple UVs on an object
– Use of opacity and layer
– using a new pen, pen sensitive weight, etc.
– use the HDR file and OBJ file format
– use synchronically The multiple file formats in a scene
– The ability to enter 3D models up to 1 million Polygon per model, and most importantly support Texture files at an incredible 32,000 × 32,000 pixel.
– Support for animated models and Displacement displays in real time

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