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EazyFlixPix v4.5.7.0 organizes and manages Picture videos

Download EazyFlixPix v4.5.7.0 – The application organizes and manages the collection of pictures and videos.

Download EazyFlixPix v4.5.7.0 - The application organizes and manages the collection of pictures and videos

If you are also one of the users who saved many photos and audio and video files on your system and in different ways, you might have encountered an issue that took hours to view your file. Find it among dozens of different archives and folders. The best solution to prevent these problems is to use an appropriate file management software . EazyFlixPix is a software tool for organizing and managing all your videos and photos so that you can quickly and easily access your file by categorizing them. By adding labels to photos and videos, management and search operations are faster and faster than MacMany allow the user to find the desired file. You can also view a list of all the videos or sub-collections of it by selecting a tag. There are other filters to view a certain category of files in the software. Meanwhile, these added tags, keywords, and so on can be derived from the file metadata.

Key features of the EazyFlixPix software :
– Organize and categorize video files 
– Add tags to videos for easier categorization and search 
– Add tags, keywords, and more … From a video metadata 
– Full compatibility with All video players to view videos, playlists and video clips 
– Organize and categorize your collection of images for faster search and search 
– View images based on other labels, categories or filters 
– Assign tag to all videos and Pictures 
– adding tags to categories and folders 
– import auto keyword tags and metadata files 
– sh And assign it to a file name tags 
– search through files by label
– create bookmarks of favorite scenes videos 
– Compatible with players such as Media Player Classic, VLC, SMPlayer 
– Create new color themes 
– the Mac ‘s settings to view your media 

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