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EagleGet v2.0.4.30 Direct Download- Download management software

EagleGet is a new download management software that has gained a lot of popularity for a while; this simple, small, yet highly advanced application has many features, including full support for various protocols such as HTTP , HTTPS , FTP , FTPS , SFTP , MMS, and RTSP . This software also provides powerful tools for downloading online videos.

Key features of EagleGet software :
– Optimized download speed and network through multi-threading technology.
– Optimized for downloading HD and HTML5 videos .
– Ability to download videos without visiting the original site by Video Sniffer technology.
– Supports common types of protocols such as HTTP , HTTPS , SOCKET and so on.
– Full support for user agent or user-agent changes.
– Ability to play Annie new download link automatically expire if the current download link.
– Supports a variety of browsers for easy downloading of files.
– Ability to manage TaskMonitor tasks scheduled.
– Advanced downloads scheduling.
– Ability to check the correctness of incoming files and ensure complete download of files.
– Ability to restrict download speed for each file.
– Ability to download as Silent.
– Ability to import download lists from other similar programs.
– Supports from over 20 different languages ​​including Farsi Persian language.
– Supports all versions of Windows .
– Lightweight, free and very low use of system resources.
EagleGet’s unique features and its distinctive features with other popular download management programs:
– Introduction of  Multi-threading or Multi-threading technology  in downloading files:
Multi-threading Technology of EagleGet
Other software, such as IDM and FlashGet, use multi-connection or component-based technology to increase download speed. In this technology, the download file is split into several pieces, then the program creates several different connections to receive the file from the source server, and Eventually all parts are connected to each other.
However, the software uses “multi-threading” technology to download files; this technology is essentially a kind of improved and advanced way of the previous method, so that the various pieces of the file are connected simultaneously when downloaded. And the program regularly matches the file with the source server so that if a part of the incomplete file is downloaded, it will be corrected or re-downloaded.
What are the advantages of multi-threading technology than other methods?
– Maximizing the speed of the Internet and optimizing all bandwidth allowed.
– Increase the accuracy of downloaded files and prevent incomplete download of information.
– Failure to download downloaded information in case of power outage and the like.
– Less use of system resources than previous methods.
– Introducing the “Getting Smart Video Files” or “Video Sniffer” features:

Video Sniffer Technology in EagleGet
This feature gives you the Mac, it does so without a visit to the site to view their videos to download, for example, you can just provide a link to a video on YouTube or by entering key words to ease your desired video found And download.
– Ability to change “User Agent” or “User-agent”:
Some sites set limits on downloading files, for example, only Windows users are able to download from some sites or some other sites due to the old compatibility with new browsers, here is a problem to download from such sites with many problems, This software allows you to change the user-agent values ​​and introduce your system to the source server in some other way.
User Agent Changeability
For example, by setting up a user agent on Internet Explorer 5, it is possible for you to download sites that do not allow downloading to new browsers due to their age.
– Full support for HTML5 and WebM:
Downloading HTML5 and WebM video files has always been one of the problems for users, because there was no software for downloading such videos, but this software allows you to easily download videos like HTML5 like any other video . .
– Free, Simple and Beautiful:
EagleGet is always free.
This software is free and will always remain free and free of any contamination and advertising elements .
This small application has a simple and beautiful user interface that does not cause confusion on the part of the user because of its many options, as well as the ability to switch between different layouts and template color schemes.

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