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Sniper Elite 4 is a game of action and shooting video in the style developed by Rebellion Developments and platforms by the company on February 14, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows releases. Play the game Sniper Elite is the fourth edition of the series. The story occurs once a year after the events of the previous version, the majority of the game takes place in Germany and Italy that tumultuous era fascist narrative. The game continues to maintain its secrecy theme and play should be better to advance to quietly do your work process. X-ray system was still in the game and the scoring system will be as before, the game’s AI is excellent and well designed animation is very well done. One interesting feature of the game is when the Player enemy from great distances targeted by the weapon, X-Ray system will be activated at that moment bullet camera path from the mouth of the weapon to the target point to showcase. When shot at the enemy, all the scenes of the game to become slow and internal organs, bones and shred it will be clearly demonstrated.

The game will allow you to use the bodies as booby-traps. Maps in this game are much larger than the Sniper Elite III Player This leads to more freedom than before. In addition to single-player, Cooperative missions and competitive multiplayer modes will be seen that each has its own charm and a way to challenge your abilities.

Sniper Elite 4 Screenshot 1 Sniper Elite 4 Screenshot 2 Sniper Elite 4 Screenshot 3 Sniper Elite 4 Screenshot 4 Sniper Elite 4 Screenshot 5
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