Smurfs: Epic Run name as another in a series of games attractive and very popular Android operating system by Gargamel Smurfs are to be made and width. The game has a running style that will challenge you for hours. In this game you can choose one of the lovable characters the Smurfs and start your epic race. The story is about evil spell by Gargamel has made this spell village Smurfs are completely destroyed and only the Smurfs remained in the village you have to escape from this spell and collect powerful artefacts peace return to your friends. If you’re a fan of the lovely and charming characters The Smurfs are you not miss the beautiful game.

Features Games Mobile Smurfs Epic Run:
– Run, jump, glide, run faster, parkour to get your character to level 100 and Gargamel has to beat.
– World splendid, all the books comic was inspired Smurfs.
– running on a Mac it different like Smurfs village, forest, mining and castle Gargamel
– Run with your favorite Smurfs including: Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and other famous personalities and funny
– The Smurfs has unique powers, including the magnet, double jump, and that they are just enjoying their best score to register.
– Customize your character with ancient monuments and a variety of magic to get attractive bonuses
– Race against friends and other players around the world for the best score in weekly tournaments
– Earn great prizes by earning a gold key, leaving behind the daily missions and deal with the merchant village of Smurfs
– the opening of portals and travel to exotic places that they say bonus areas.
– Gather a team of Smurfs and getting into dangerous competition that would be expected to take awesome rewards.
– Collect special items to get bonuses
– Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
Changes in version v2.1.0:
– New Features + Various optimizations and bug fixes Games

Smurfs Epic Run Screenshot 1 Smurfs Epic Run Screenshot 2 Smurfs Epic Run Screenshot 3 Smurfs Epic Run Screenshot 4

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