(96/1/21) changes:
Update to version Android version 7.8.1
App purchases worth $ 6

With this program you can play a piece of music that you want to program and the program to identify and track all the track information such as album name, artist name, etc. to show you.Features of the program include a complete biography of the singer, share songs, view tracks shared by friends, view lyrics and beautiful and friendly environment noted.

Application features Mobile Shazam Encore:
– having super-strong database with support for Iranian music
– User interface is very easy and without any ambiguity
– The Mac connected to Rdio to create a list of music Phsh
– Ability to view music videos through the network of YouTube
– Easy sharing the user’s music found
Version 7.8.1
– Bug fixes, improvements and faster program

Shazam Encore Screenshot 1 Shazam Encore Screenshot 2 Shazam Encore Screenshot 3 Shazam Encore Screenshot 4
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