Download PVS-Studio v7.01.31225 – Error-coding software

PVS-Studio performs static code analysis and generates a report that helps a programmer to find and fix bugs. PVS-Studio performs a wide range of code checks, it is also useful to search for misprints and copy-paste errors. Examples of such errors: V501, V517, V522, V523, V3001. 

The main value of static analysis is in its regular use, so that the errors are identified and fixed at the earliest stages. There is no point in wasting 50 hours looking for a bug that could be found with static analysis. So, let’s point out that again – the main idea of ​​static analysis is not to find one hidden bug on the day before the release, but fix dozens of bugs day by day.

The analyzer can be run at night on the server and warn about suspicious code snippets. Ideally, these errors can be detected and fixed before getting into the repository. PVS-Studio can be automatically launched immediately after the compiler for the files that have just been modified. 

PVS-Studio can integrate into Visual Studio development environment 2010-2017. If you use this IDE, then you most likely just have to go to the menu of the PVS-Studio plugin and choose “Check Current Project.”


Installation guide

1. Install the software
2. Run the software and register from the Tools -> Option -> Registration menu using the information in the Serial.txt file. 
3. Close the software and run it again.

File Password: Click to See File Password

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