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Download Pluralsight Windows Internals processes and internal mechanisms of Windows.Those who are programmers and software under Windows , you write, you should know how it works with Windows, Mac different mechanisms What is it and what uses algorithms to process. In this case, a programmer can develop software better way to have the most efficient Hey. If Win32 programmer or a developer of NET. Or even want to write drivers for your specific hardware, you should become familiar with the basic concepts of Windows so that you can easily solve complex problems.
During the training the Pluralsight Windows Internals Windows key concepts such as processes, threads, virtual memory and learn more in advance.

Course syllabus for training of Pluralsight Windows Internals:
– Introduction
– basic concepts
– System Architecture (Part 1)
– System Architecture (Part 2)
– processes and threads (Part 1)
– processes and threads (Part 2)
– Process and yarns (part 3)

Pluralsight Windows Internals Screenshot 1 Pluralsight Windows Internals Screenshot 2 Pluralsight Windows Internals Screenshot 3 Pluralsight Windows Internals Screenshot 4

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