Download Offline Explorer v7.0.4407 + Enterprise v7.3.0.4552 SR2

Download Offline Explorer v7.0.4407 + Enterprise v7.3.0.4552 SR2 – Software view web pages offline
Offline Explorer Pro is to download the entire site, a collection of pictures of Online, the most extensive and most diverse forums and …. of supported sites, better support dialup connection, Flash, scripts and active content from features of the software.
With this program you can download Web pages and FTP and then use them, read them, edit, or follow the links. The application of modern technologies Internet such as Flash, scripts and active content (Active Content) support. Offline Explorer lets you even when you’re traveling with your Laptop connect with the web site. When the flight attendants ask you to disconnect your Internet connection, you can still make your website on your hard drive even if the online content moves or changes, your files will remain intact.

A key feature of the software Offline Explorer:
– High Speed, simplicity and reliability in the game Abby files from the protocols FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, RTSP and sites (NSV (SHOUTcast
– Support for HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5
– Get more 500 files simultaneously
download sites that are viewed with a browser or other browsers
– print the whole site at once
– easy access to files
– monitor ClipBoard to create new projects automatically or manually
– control Clipboard to create a new project manually or automatically
– with the project wizard interface can be configured manually
– ability to run in the background
– support for Java and VB scripts to extract links
– using IE cookies while downloading
– search among the downloaded files to a  keyword or file name
– a choice of several projects that will allow faster operation on them to do
– control the speed of download
– support drag and drop links from web browser
– Schedule download and start them using the command line
– download more than 100 million pages of sites
– intelligent interface to better understand web pages
– the ability of a site downloaded
– making sitemap for Google
– update Web site locally
– the program features the powerful scheduler that automatically sites internet of the controls
– easy to store the desired files using the protocols RTSP, PNM, NSV, MMS
– ability to save audio and video files over the internet using a browser
– You can save and reload projects
– downloading files based on specified key words in their names or in their HTML text
– internal dialer, the ability to cut, connect and switch off the device after download
– the ability to address filtering on demand to download
– Ability to schedule downloads, adjust their order or beginning of the command line

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