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Firefox The Mozilla product is a secure, powerful, powerful, and powerful web browser. This popular browser is due to its high quality and performance as well as a number of other popular browsers such as Google Chrome and perhaps even better than some of them.

Some of the powerful features of the browser include
the ability to open all the windows Tabbed Browsing for Firefox under a window and the ability to block pop- promoted Future Annoying Pop-up for such features is the browser. High security and preventing the entry of spyware and spyware into your system is a superior feature of this software . It is powered by a powerful internal search engine, as well as a high speed download of files from the Internet.It can benefit from downloading files and storing itself in a special folder! Beautiful environments with many features, such as changing the look and feel, adding or removing toolbars, working with different fonts and grinding pages , and adding various themes to the beauty and ability of this browser.


Key features of Mozilla Firefox:
– New and more attractive interface than before
– Very high speed on web page loading
– Tabbed Browsing feature (open all pages on one page)
– High security in the Internet insecure environment
– avoid risks Spy-Ware and thieves
– avoid opening pages promoting future-about (Popup – bloker)
– protect passwords and passwords and private security
– more professional management Add-on for
– use easier Software
– Supports HTML version 5
– Supports CSS version 3
– Ability to adapt to WebM video format
– Lower crashes in using this version.
– Javascript compatibility to render pages as good
– Being online and not interrupting communications sockets (Better games and chatting )
– View full screen of videos
– Ability to view previously unpacked pages
– Cached section Of the sites that are usually fixed
– the high flexibility of the software in dealing with different tastes
– and …

Some of the new Firefox features include:
– Significantly reduced memory usage (RAM)
– Improved application launch speed
– Increased website loading speed –
Improved browsing information across different versions of Firefox
– Increased user interface
– Get screen shot from web pages
– Improved Load Scroll



32-bit version : Download – English version – 41.4 MB

 Download – Persian version – 41.3 MB 
64-bit version : download – English version – 43.5 MB 

download – Persian version – 43.5MB 
Download Information Useful 
link to add-ons Download all Images plugin : Save all images in a 
link to plug- in page Print to PDF : Save webpages as PDF 
link to Save Page WE : Save webpages to a single file. AutoFormer +
link to plug-in : Autocomplete forms on web pages. 
link to plug-in Tree Style Tab : Tab open View as tree 
link to Add Foxytab : management Tab for open 
link to plug- Grammarly for Firefox : correct spelling and grammatical English sentences in terms of 
link to extension AdBlock for Firefox : avoid displaying ads on web pages 
link to plugin FoxyLink: Copy and open links to the 
link to plugin Video & Flash Download Manager : Download online videos FlashGot
link to plugin : Manage download links on the pages of the Memory Fox
link to add-on : Reduce Ram usage by the EasyFa
link to plugin browser : Convert Persian-language sentences typed with a keyboard. In English mode and vice versa, 
link to the Strict pop-up blocker plug -in : To automatically close popup ads Pop-up 
link to plugin FireBug : For analyzing web pages, required by web designers FireIE
link to plug-in : For displaying pages using the IE engine in Firefox FireShot
link to extension : Vector of web pages
link to Magicword plugin for translating selected English to Persian and vice versa. 
link to Other popular plug-ins for Firefox. 

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