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Download Microsoft Office Online Server 2018

Download Microsoft Office Online Server 2018 (Updated November 2018) x64 – Run Microsoft Office Applications Online

Download Microsoft Office Online Server 2018 (Updated November 2018) x64 - Run Microsoft Office Applications Online

Office Online Server is a software program provided by Microsoft that gives you this Mac so you can run Office products on the web; many organizations and companies need to have multiple users simultaneously access the same file in Word. Or, in real-time editing Excel and PowerPoint files, this is where Office Online Server provides all of these features.

Sometimes there is a company or organization with a large number of systems and it is necessary to have the Office package available on all of these systems, here the responsible person can install the server version on the installation host system instead of installing the program on individual systems. And other users can access Office applications in real-time through a web browser. 

Key features of the application Microsoft Office Online Server:
– Implementation Package Microsoft Office on the Web 
– Implementation of various products Office without having to install it 
– quick and easy access to web applications by Unified Switcher 
– output and storage of edited files On a personal or host system 
– Ability to simultaneously edit a file by multiple users in real-time
– Having most of the popular software, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint 
– Full support for PDFs without Adobe Reader 
– How does Auto-save functionality work if it disconnects from the 

Office Online Server network 
If you ask how this software is written and at all this, it can be republished ; your answer is in highly specialized and specialized software such as SharePoint Server and Exchange Server; the basis of Office Online is based on these two software and in fact this program is completely It also depends on them, especially the Exchange Server, which is one of the main areas of Office Online, and benefits most from it. 

How it works is simple, first, on a Windows serverSuch as Windows Server 2012 R2, will be installed and will be assigned a specific address to the applications so that other users of the site can access Office products, even if they have not installed it on their system, now it can be accessed via the Internet Either locally or locally. 

The point that makes it easier to work with this software is that users who intend to connect to Online Office do not need a specific and complex program, because only a simple browser is needed so you can access all applications, Currently, all Chrome browsers, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer support this app. 

What Office Applications Are Available in Office Online?
The three basic Office applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, are fully supported in this package, from other available software we can point to People and Calendar and Outlook and OneDrive and OneNote, which are currently fully available and Microsoft has said. In the future, more software will be added to Office Online.

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