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Download Master of Typing v3.7.0 MacOSX

Master of Typing program of training of type person and a Mac step by step you for professionals in private practice are typing. This software will provide you with a variety of useful tools for step-by-step development in the field of quick and useful typing, and will give you strengths and weaknesses in typing to get to know the strengths and points of interest. Overcome the weakness by exercising. 
The software also shows you the exact amount of your progress in diagrams and graphs, and putting very exciting exercises, the game.Related to creating a working group and managing it by the moderator, creating a variety of exercises and … has made this software an unrivaled tool in the field of typing. This software will teach you how to effectively use all keystroke keys.

Master of Typing v3.7.0 MacOSX

Download Master of Typing v3.7.0 MacOSX – Speed ​​up typing software for Mac

Key features of the Master of Typing software :
– Optimize the duration of the activity 
– Define a specific target and level for the user 
– Provide detailed and useful tips instantly in the software environment 
– Learn how to use the entire keyboard even with symbols and Numpad and 
– plan exercises diverse in diverse environments 
– displays the percentage of your progress and compare with the standard sample 
– typing test career in comparison to the level of the first World and the full report of your performance 
– support high number users 
– ability to create a log of all users 
– Add, remove and edit users by the teacher 
– the ability to store and insert their words 

Master of Typing is an effective TOUCH typing course for mastering fast typing techniques using all your 10 FINGERS simultaneously.

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