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Download Market for Android Bazaar 7.19.2 Cafe Market software

Download Market for Android Bazaar 7.19.2 – The latest update to the Cafe Market software.You can download the latest version of the marketplace (market cafe) for Android phones with a direct link to this post. The main feature of smartphones is the ability to use applications, and the smartphone does not differ much from the ordinary phone without using these applications. The CafeBazar (Android Market), which belongs to the smartphone company Whisperer, is the place to download Android apps that specifically serve English-speaking users, and can be accessed through tens of thousands of apps developed by thousands of developers.

The market has the symbol of e-trust from the e-commerce e-commerce department of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce and has been authenticated by the center for online customer payments. With Android Market Download, you’ll be able to easily get and use apps in the market cafe, which are in fact a collection of the best and latest Android market. This application runs on all versions of Android. The market can be considered the most powerful Android app for the Iranians, which serves no limits. Market Cafe can be a native version of Google Play StoreFor Iranian users, it has its own unique features. Supports two English and Farsi, there are 25 different categories in the software category, updates in sync with Polestore and … This software has become an all-powerful giant for Iranian users.

Download-Market Download-Market Download-Market Download-Market


Main Features Download Market (Market Cafe) Android Bazaar:

  • The Complete Collection of Free Software Archives in Iran
  • Ability to update all software
  • Placing the latest software and games at a very low pace with the PlayStation
  • Exclusive release of many Iranian software and games
  • There is a question and answer section to fix the problem of users
  • Creating an account and paying for proprietary market software
  • Ability to download multiple files and resume files
  • Use QR Code to download

The Bazaar is an application marketplace in which there are tens of thousands of applications from thousands of software developers available. The Bazaar provides its services specifically to Persian speaker users.

The Bazaar has an E-namad certificate from the E-Commerce Development Center and has been authenticated for providing e-payment services by this center.

Installation guide

1) Download the file in the download section.

2) After downloading, it allows the installation to be performed automatically.

File information
  • File size: 7.2 MB
  • Release Date: NOV-21-2018
  • Price: Free!
  • file password: www.downloadha.com

File Password: Click to See File Password


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