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Company’s flagship product AutoCAD Autodesk, a software designed to help Mac computers used by designers, architects and engineers in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of integrated levels or network is used. Before computer-aided design, designers had to design tools such as boards, pencils, pens, ruler, compass and skimmers work compared to modern tools such as AutoCAD facilities were very limited. Since 1982 when the first version was introduced AutoCAD software, advanced features designed for automatic and computer quickly became of the widely used computer-aided design tools. This software is now the most widely used software for industrial design and drawing with more than 100 million users worldwide. The software allows engineers to implement your ideas and your mind free with the help of three-dimensional drawing, design and documentation of their SMART products.
In a period of training in AutoCAD 2018 Tutorial Series with features and functionalities of AutoCAD Lynda 2018 you know.
Heading periodic training of Lynda AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training:

– Check the interface
– the Ribbon, the status bar, and Viewcube
– open, save and close the file
– Set to become design units
– Maps Navigation
– Save and restore views
– Design Change objects
– detailed design
– reuse of content
– create Feed
– use PDF files in AutoCAD

headlines course Lynda AutoCAD 2018 New Features:
– working with files navigation
– using the quick access toolbar
– update routes reference
– redirect types
– find and replace reference files
– rename the discharge authority
– the gap selection linetype
– Share designer The views from AutoCAD
– setting a layered PDF
– using PDFIMPORT and Pdfattach
– Change text MTEXT

Lynda AutoCAD 2018 Tutorial Series Screenshot 1 Lynda AutoCAD 2018 Tutorial Series Screenshot 2 Lynda AutoCAD 2018 Tutorial Series Screenshot 3 Lynda AutoCAD 2018 Tutorial Series Screenshot 4

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