Download IDM UltraEdit v24.00.0.43 x86 / x64 – Software and programming text editor and write a variety of text files

Today, the application of many can be found in the text editing area, each with a Mac possibilities are numerous. Many scripting languages ​​for web programming language code of the software they use. Software text editor is also due to the application programming their applications to the editor to your applications with different programming languages ​​to adapt to more fans among the users of their software they use.

IDM UltraEdit text editor is a software product is IDM Computer Solutions Company. IDM UltraEdit one of the best editor for editing and writing of files, software programming files to files Binary … along with a complete toolbox for fulfilling all your needs, the ability to conduct planning using Macro automatic time-consuming operation in just a few moments and hundreds of other features and tools.

In this software users can easily operate in the field of programming language to code in HTML, PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript, VB, C, etc. are. The application of all these languages for code provides full support and regularization code to a Mac color scheme that allows programmers to easily take action to write code. The software also features HEX code editor. This tool is very useful in science Cracking and crack the software.

A key feature of the software IDM UltraEdit:
– Supports 64-bit files in Windows 32-bit
– Supports UNICODE
– Ability to edit text on the disc
– Support for files with size greater than 4 GB
– A code folding feature
– The “Open as” a place for storing files Binary, UTF-8 and other files to Unicode
– Spell checker with more than 100,000 words, with support for different languages ​​such as English, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Swedish, Hungarian and …
– Ability sculpture
– Ability to edit languages ​​Latex, Fortran, C / C ++, VB, HTML, Java, Perl
– Download files relating to the programming language or other programming languages the site
– The ability to support Project / Workspace
– Editable Fashion Column / block
– With Windows SSH / Telnet
– The ability to connect to FTP servers
– Sculptural routing functionality keyboard (32-bit)
– Include HTML toolbar and sort it
– Has Websearch toolbar such as Google search, Yahoo search, Wikipedia,,, MSDN online search and …
– The ability to encrypt and decrypt files
– Ability to integrate with UltraSentry to securely delete temporary files
– Support for multiple bytes to support a comprehensive IME
– Support for Ctag
– With backup and assistance
– Ability to manage Windows
– Ability to advanced sculpture
– The editing Hexadecimal
– Ability to edit any binary file and view binary and ASCII files

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