Download GPU-Z 2.15.0 + ASUS ROG Skin Professional Video Checker

The GPU-Z is a small, very powerful program for accurately checking the features of the graphics card. With this software you can get very detailed information about the technical details of your image card. The GPU-Z software fully supports NVIDIA and ATI cards. The features of this software include the display of the adapter, GPU and display information, overclocking, default clock and 3D clock without any need to be portable.


Key Features of the GPU-Z Software:

  • NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards support
  • Display the adapter, GPU and display information
  • Show overclock, default hours and three-dimensional clock (if any)
  • Validating results
  • No need to install or portable



The GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to scan your computer system and display information about a video card and GPU. It gets you familiar with a wide array of technical specifications, thus enabling you to have a better knowledge of your computer’s abilities. The GPU-Z features support for the latest NVIDIA and ATI cards and includes a GPU load test to check PCI-Express configurations. In addition, it grants you permission to default clocks, 3D clocks (if any) and overclock information. Reports are incredibly detailed, containing characteristics about video cards, such as name, GPU, process technology, chip, memory type, DirrectX / PixelShader support, memory bandwidth, type of bus, memory clock, version driver, sensors, speed fans and version of BIOS.

File information
  • File size: 5 MB
  • Release Date: NOV-17-2018
  • Price: Free
  • File password:

File Password: Click to See File Password

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