FOUR CORNERS ENGLISH COURSE – A NEW SET OF TEACHING ENGLISH MP3 FREE DOWNLOAD,Set learning a whole new language of Four Corners teaching American English is set at four levels and in many language schools to teach courses that are used. Even many institutions, this book will have a replacement for books Interchenge and Top Notch. Four Corners is a comprehensive course that all four skills of language learning is the main language.
Four Corners in 2012 for the first series to be published by Cambridge University. The main feature that distinguishes this book with other books focus on two common speech skills (Speaking) and listening (Listening) is. video training content and facilitates learning this book will accelerate student progress.
Each part of the Four Corners, including providing clear and fluent vocabulary, grammar, and a practical course of everyday English skills with exercises planned for four languages. Four Corner emphasis of thetraining , in order to increase confidence for talks and Mac Almaty flowing. Speaking at the end of each lesson is practice, enable students to acquire the knowledge thus acquired and their progress.

four corners

main features:
– Teaching simple, smooth and pleasant
– Provide clear and understandable vocabulary
– Complete grammar curriculum
– Assign a lesson to be fully functional in everyday language
– Regular and consistent practice the four main language skills
– Special emphasis on strengthening the skills of correct dialect of English with confidence

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