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Download Fortnite Battle Royale v7.0.0 Game for Android

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Download Fortnite v7.0.0 - Fortinit game for Android
Android Game Fortnite is  a free multiplayer action game developed by Epic Games. The game is based on the kingdom battle genre, and it’s like games of the rules of survival or pubg that you fight on the island on an island. This game is in the third person mode, which in some way, like the minecract game, you build structures and at the same time fight the most advanced weapons!This game has been developed by Epic Games, one of the well-known studios in the industry that has attracted many fans around the world, including Hollywood actors and famous American singers, which is astonishing. Fortnite Android is an advanced game with excellent coding engine, which has been able to play a good role in identifying cheat players and chip players, and from other similar products, according to a promise.This game is made in epic and warfare style and construction is multi-player and online and requires Internet connection to run.

The Fortnite Android Game Feature:

  • Different and fancy style
  • User-friendly graphics and enchanting environments
  • With attractive characters and designs
  • Robust coding engine and quick identification of cheat players
  • Online gaming and multiplayer share captions

– Android Requirements: 5.0 and above

– Note: This game can only be played online and with an external IP, and the game data should be downloaded after installation, which is approximately 1.5 GB.
– Note: This game will only work on new mobile phones (click on the list of supported phones list)

Download the Fortnite Battle Royale Android game file

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