Dashy Square Name Game New super cute special design is in the style of arcade games for Android by Game Studios KasSanity published. In this game you will be given guidance and control the main character of the game, our lovely characters on various items moving in a straight line from the left side of the screen to the right. Now you should be having fun and loving character control in the game after another behind barriers Srbgzaryd and earn points. This time you can stand, you jump and fly. The game has graphics simple and cheerful, with colorful environments and addictive gameplay that will entertain you for hours.

Features Games Mobile Dashy Square:
– Contains +150 lovable character
– Dozens of challenging and different steps to advance
– The Mac ‘s creation and its customization level of
– Various power-ups to collect
– support for ten languages
– excellent design and addictive gameplay and low volume
– Excellent music with beautiful songs +300

Dashy Square Screenshot 1 Dashy Square Screenshot 2 Dashy Square Screenshot 3 Dashy Square Screenshot 4
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