Download Attack Heroes – Game Attack of the Heroes

Download Attack Heroes - Game Attack of the Heroes

Attack Heroes is an adventure, strategy and role- playing video game developed by Ejoy Games and launched by the company in April 2017 for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It has been published. The story of the “Heroes Attack” is narrated in three different empires and is about a person called Xiaomu. The character of the game, along with his loyal friend LiuBei, has to face a variety of challenges and missions. The game world is getting darker every day, and evil forces spread everywhere. In the game you have to fight these forces using your abilities. The characters of the game Attack Heroes have unique skills and abilities. Over 52 special skills have been given to you and you can use your enemies to eliminate them. The game environments are also great, and you will see animated scenes and awesome battles that work best.

Attack Heroes Screenshot 1 Attack Heroes Screenshot 2 Attack Heroes Screenshot 3 Attack Heroes Screenshot 4 Attack Heroes Screenshot 5

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