Download Ashes – Ashes Game for Windows

Ashes is a video game in the adventure and first-person action adventure developed by WindLimit and released by Microsoft in October 2018 for the Microsoft Windows operating system . Events are happening in the medieval era. In the game, you control a prisoner who is caught in a horrific dungeon and is about to flee. Puzzles and riddles are placed in the game environment that will entertain you for hours. Also, the game environment and gameplay are very emotional and scary. Throughout the game environment, there are various traps that you should find and not be trapped by using your intelligence. The “Ashes” feature features a variety of environments, excellent sound quality, excellent HD quality, challenging puzzles, and fun gameplay.

Ashes Screenshot 1 Ashes Screenshot 2 Ashes Screenshot 3 Ashes Screenshot 4 Ashes Screenshot 5

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