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Direct Download Things v3.5 MacOSX – Professional Planning Software for Mac

One of the concerns of most users is the easy and uncomplicated handling of daily personal matters. By Things, you can record and store your personal and daily affairs in a simple and practical environment with all the details and have a great planning for doing financial, administrative and personal.

Direct Download Things v3.5 MacOSX - Professional Planning Software for Mac
Moreover Things a very functional that you can plan your daily work, you have a Mac so great to be using this program do not have to worry about forgetting your daily work, because you just planning your daily Give it to this software, and it will be up to you to do all the work right and you will be able to see the extraordinary power of this software in helping you plan daily tasks.

A key feature of the software :
– The interface is simple and easy
– the Mac ‘s daily planning
– save on essential along with Rymayndr strong
– the ability to add tags
– perfect for busy people
– management applications by mail or alert

But what is the difference between this software and other programming software? 
This software integrates the power and simplicity by adding special tags to any item you give to the software. The task list template allows you to focus on your work effortlessly. All of this is built on an incredibly beautiful and easy-to-use user interface to accomplish one goal: “Turning day-to-day management into a simple and fun habit”
Also, Things is a daily workflow management software that helps you manage your work in a fully automated manner.

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