Download Dictation Pro v1.06 – Speech to text editor

You will no longer need to type your letters, reports, emails and homework! Dictation Pro easily converts your voice into text, you can talk through the microphone and let Dictation quickly type you. To use this software you need a high quality headset. As you speak through the microphone and the words appear quickly on the screen. So you can type your texts with a minimum of keyboard and mouse clicks and approximately 10 times faster.

Download Dictation Pro v1.06 - Speech to text editor
The voices of different people are different, Dictation Pro is a Mac training processSound can detect your voice. The more you use this software, the more accurate the speech recognition. You can add specific terms, names or technical terms to more accurately identify the vocabulary of this software.
Also, with the help of this software you can voice commands to execute commands such as copy or delete words and texts.

Key features of the Dictation Pro software :
– Converts spoken sounds to written texts
– Typing letters, reports, emails and more by speaking through the microphone
– Time saving
– Accurate voice recognition
– Quick execution of commands like deleting And copying using voice commands

Dictation Pro Screenshot 1 Dictation Pro Screenshot 2 Dictation Pro Screenshot 3 Dictation Pro Screenshot 4 Dictation Pro Screenshot 5

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