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DEVONthink Pro Office v2.10 MacOSX

Meet DEVONthink Pro Office v2.10 MacOSX designed to manage and keep all those different pieces of information so important to your work or studies. As you become more experienced with DEVONthink and its easy, intuitive interface, you will quickly find more exciting ways to use your data.

Direct Download DEVONthink Pro Office v2.10 MacOSX - Information Management Software for Mac
What DEVONthink does for you
DEVONthink stores your documents, scanned papers, emails, notes, bookmarks, etc. in one place. Access live web pages seamlessly from within DEVONthink to review, extract further information.
Create RTF documents, edit them in full screen, and use smart templates to quickly add pre-styled documents. Clip data from other applications using drag-and-drop, services, or the Dock menu.
Annotate PDF documents using standard PDF annotations. Cross-reference documents. Edit images
Search, classify and show relationships between your documents automatically and language independently, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Share your knowledge using the built-in interactive web interface on the local network over the Internet, and access it from Macs, Windows-PCs, iPhone, or iPod touch.
Take all your important documents with you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with DEVONthink To Go.

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