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Download Fedora v27 Workstation x86 / x64 - Linux Fedora

Download Fedora v27 Workstation – Linux Fedora

May 6, 2018

Fedora Workstation is a Linux operating system and distribution name provided with GNOME Shell Desktop 3.28 and is being developed by members of the Fedora project. This project is sponsored by Red Hat Inc. The goal of the project is to create a multi-purpose operating system, which generally generates free software packages. This distribution is designed to be easily installed and configured […]

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Direct Download Windows Firewall Control v5.3.1.0 - Simple and fast firewall management for Windows

Windows Firewall Control v5.3.1.0 – Direct Download Link P30 Download

April 25, 2018

Microsoft operating systems are currently using a free firewall for themselves, but unfortunately they do not use the easy-to-use interface for creating rules for program communications, and in some cases The task of doing these configurations is a bit complicated. Windows Firewall Control is a very handy application that extends the Windows Firewall functionality and provides quick access to the […]

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Windows 10 Manager

Windows 10 Manager Download v2.2.5 P30downloadfree.com

March 19, 2018

Windows 10 Manager software, the powerful and the users of Windows 10 use it or Mac gives it to the Windows monitor and to best manage the tools your hard drive of duplicate files It cleans the extra, improves Windows security, and fixes potential Windows problems. As a result, the system speed is increased and Windows is optimized, it also helps repair, maintain, […]

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