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Download Start10 v1.60 - Software Restore Start Menu to Windows 10

Download Start10 v1.60 – Software Restore Start Menu to Windows 10

May 18, 2018

Despite the changes that Microsoft has made to satisfy users with regard to returning the Start menu and simplifying access to programs, many users still want to use the old Windows Start menu. Start10 software for Windows 10 users brings the Windows Start menu to the same old style and familiarity. By installing this software, you can restore the Start menu […]

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Download Dr. Folder v2.5.0.0 – Software to change folder icons in Windows

April 28, 2018

The Mac as you have a uniform appearance and duplicate icons folder of your system are tired and want a fundamental change in the appearance of icons desktop to the manager and to customize their own. Dr. Folder is an application for managing and changing the folder icons that replaces the standard icons of a folder with any other custom icons. With a beautiful interface and […]

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Download SwordSoft Mousetrack v1.1.0.520 - Add animation effects to mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

Download SwordSoft Mousetrack v1.1.0.520 – Add animation effects to mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

April 26, 2018

Mousetrack is a fascinating and diverse range of SwordSoft products for displaying animation and motion effects alongside the mouse cursor. When you click on your mouse, you will see effects on the screen around the mouse pointer that places focus on the area around the mouse pointer. The software contains a set of preferences for customizing the color of the left, right and […]

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Direct Download Things v3.5 MacOSX – Professional Planning Software for Mac

April 19, 2018

One of the concerns of most users is the easy and uncomplicated handling of daily personal matters. By Things, you can record and store your personal and daily affairs in a simple and practical environment with all the details and have a great planning for doing financial, administrative and personal. Moreover Things a very functional that you can […]

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Download Lucinite Panels v2.0.1161.284 - Windows Task Replacement Software

Download Lucinite Panels v2.0.1161.284 – P30 Download Free Software

April 9, 2018

Lucinite Panels is a fascinating application that can be used as a powerful replacement for Windows Taskbar , so that your Mac can do its intended work in a shorter time. Lucinite Panels creates a panel at the corner of your desktop , featuring small programs called Tiles that allow you to control Windows desktop and provide various information. Various widgets such as weather widget, processor […]

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Actual Window Minimizer

Download Actual Window Minimizer v8.12 -professional windows management software

March 22, 2018

Download Actual Window Minimizer v8.12 If you are one of those users who work with computers have to open a lot of windows on the desktop are taskbar of Windows you fill out the windows open programs and folders from the bustle tired, you can use the software is compact and powerful Actual Window Minimizer their problem to solve. Actual Windows Minimizer is […]

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Download Actual Transparent Window v8.12 - Software to change the transparency of Windows 

Actual Transparent Window v8.12 Download-p30downloadfree

March 20, 2018

Download Actual Transparent Window v8.12 – Software to change the transparency of Windows Program Actual Transparent Window or Mac to determine the degree of transparency / visibility window that in Windows itself provides open. Since sometimes you need to minimize and resize windows for several times to help windows windows or to see the contents of the windows that are located at […]

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AutoDesk Mudbox

Download Autodesk Mudbox v2018.2 MacOSX – Madbax software, 3D model design for Mac

March 19, 2018

Download Autodesk Mudbox v2018.2 MacOSX from P30download Autodesk Mudbox is a very powerful tool from Autodesk , which lets you design your own designs and graphics models professionally. This application is one of the best digital sculptures and 2D and 3D painting solutions on the market today. The high-performance environment and high-quality professional tools in this software help designers create realistic, three-dimensional characters that interact with […]

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Download iThoughtsX v5.6 MacOSX – Mental mapping software for Mac

March 19, 2018

iThoughtsX is a mental map drawing software for Mac . Mentor mapping software enables users to capture maps, thoughts, ideas, goals, and decisions that are in their minds as a cohesive, curable image. iThoughts can be used to list tasks (by displaying communication and affiliation between them), summary, thoughts and ideas in the form of a storm, planning different projects, scheduling goals, recording […]

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Download CopyQ v3.3.0 MacOSX – Clipboard management software with the ability to search and edit for Mac

March 19, 2018

CopyQ is a professional software for managing Mac Clipboards . This software can search and edit your clipboard history. Support for image formats, managing linear commands and … is only part of the features of this software. Text storage, HTML, images, and anything with any custom format in CopyQ can be done. Manage personalization of menus, save items to new tabs and groups, quickly […]

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