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Axure RP Enterprise Edition v8.1.0.3377 – Website Template

Axure RP is a special tool for web site prototyping and applications. Axure RP Enterprise Edition v8.1.0.3377 software is based on the notions known from Visio and web design tools, and in fact, a subtle combination of both.

Download Axure RP Enterprise Edition v8.1.0.3377 - Website Template Software

Axure RP Pro is a proprietary Web prototype with which you can create interactive, descriptive, and browser-based environments, and do all the work you do in a prototype, and the function of each object (for example, buttons Define by adding margins and links.

Key features of Axure RP Software :

– Drag and drop widgets on the network (Typical visio)

– Generate prototypes in a format that behaves like real web pages
– Save time to do duplicate tasks using custom widgets and templates
– Rich environments with Show and hide layers
– Auto-create user interface properties
– Create prototype framework and tools to select layout

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