Download Agile Commander v1.1.2- Team Project Management

Today, most project management tools are designed for large companies with large teams. These tools are often sophisticated online systems that are not only used for managing projects but also as alternatives to other communication channels. These large systems have many functions and functions that use them in small companies is not only useless, but it can cause interruptions in operation and reduce productivity.

Download Agile Commander v1.1.2 - Small or standalone team project management software

The topic of communication is a good example. Actually send an email Or a message is a futile and meaningless thing to do with an online system for someone sitting on your side table. If this capability is to be found in large corporations because of their breadth and breadth, but for a small company, the use of such techniques only reduces the performance and speed of the work. So, for independent programmers or small teams, it’s better to use the software appropriately and at the level of their needs. Agile Commander is a tool for independent programmers and small teams based on the principles of software development, and all of its data is stored on the hard disk of your system. This software allows you to fully control all parts of your project and manage bugs and errors occurring.

Key Feature of the software Agile Commander:

– advancing better steps in the project by a small team
– store all data on the system
– the Mac manage and direct access to the Errors occurred
– Ability to add links and files
– to simplify the management process Project
– Increase the speed of the work
– Display the process of doing work and limit the number of tasks being processed

Agile Commander Screenshots:

Agile Commander Screenshot 1 Agile Commander Screenshot 2 Agile Commander Screenshot 3 Agile Commander Screenshot 4

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