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Adobe Flash Player v30.0.0.154  is a very robust web standard for creating and publishing all types of image files, this program allows you to run flash video files. Today, more than 450 million people use this technology to make various types of web games , movies of training and run their business operations. In plain language, this program allows the user to execute files created by the Adobe Flash program. 
That’s why the vast majority of multimedia files on the Internet are available for display on the browser Flash Player and Shockwave Player software is required. This software will give you a  run Flash files in WindowsAs well as various web browsers. This way, you can easily run a variety of flash files in the Windows environment, as well as see the sites that used it in full. 
Although the two software are both manufactured by Adobe, the purpose of their production is different. The Shockwave Player software is used when it is necessary to exchange performance between the designer and the user, such as playing or making video tutorials and the like, such files being published as SWF files; however, it is no longer possible to use Not a Flash Player, and you must have Shockwave Player installed on your system.
But Flash Player is used when only a flash video file is intended to be displayed to the user and there is no exchange between the user and the designer. Such elements, usually known as FLV extensions, require Flash Player to run. it also download and install.


Key features Software Adobe Flash Player v30.0.0.154
– Support for multiple browsers Internet . 
– Support for all versions of Windows . 
– Windows and browser flash. 

Introducing Adobe Flash Player releases:
Adobe supports all browsers, publishing Flash Player in three general versions. 

Checking Differences Between Different Versions:
– ActiveX is an application for Internet Explorer and browsers based on it, such as Maxthon or Avant. 

– The NPAPI version of the program that stands for N etscape P lugin A pplication P rogrammingI nterface is for browsers that can install and run different plugins, for example, it can be called Firefox browser; it was first developed in 1995 for the Netscape browser and later extended to other browsers. Made 

But the PPAPI version of the abbreviation P Epper P Lugin A Pplication P Rogramming I Nterface is for browsers Chrome and Chromium and Opera and general browsers based on the engine Chromium written; Google long ago their support for the NPAPI cut and projects The new Pepper was launched, and the PPAPI version of the program was also designed by Adobe. 

Introducing Uninstaller App:
An issue that most users do not care about is the issue of software upgrade, especially when major changes are made to the program, and users are also not concerned about problems that may occur during an upgrade. 
As with other Adobe apps, this program also has a “uninstaller” or “remover”, which is a small program capable of completely removing all the old versions of the program and the items left in the system and cleaning the system. 
Run this program before installing any new version will help reduce the interference of the versions and reduce the likelihood of failure and much more. 
Therefore, before installing the new version, first uninstall the program (which is included in the package for download ) once and proceed, and then install the new version.
Keep in mind that before you remove or install the new version of this program, be sure to close all your system’s browsers.

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